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Since the website now has over 70 incredible individual profiles and features, this page will serve as a quick reference guide for you, the reader to find what your looking for faster. For… Continue reading

6 year celebration w/pics

“By some estimates, more than 80 percent of people who have lost weight regain all of it, or more, after two years.

End of January – Still Got Goals?

**Hello all! Please welcome our friend, personal trainer & nutritionist Colin Deway, we asked him to stop by and share some knowledge with us all. My husband and I get emails, and messages… Continue reading

Transformation Profile – Rebecca – lbs lost = 70+

Starting Weight – 205lbs Current Weight  – 133lbs Facebook Page – I believe some stories are better left unsaid for the sake of others feelings, but at the same time if left… Continue reading

Transformation Profile – Peggy – lbs lost = 110

  Starting Weight – 308lbs Current Weight – 198lbs My name is Peggy I am 46 years old and here to tell you its never to late to lose fat and get… Continue reading

Transformation Profile – Keri – lbs lost = 93

Starting weight 340 Current Weight 247 Starting Size 28 Current Size 16 Hi Guys! I just wanted to write a quick post to introduce myself. My name is Keri and I’m in… Continue reading

Transformation Profile – Kelly – lbs lost = 80

Starting weight-210 pounds Current weight-130 pounds I never struggled with my weight until around age 18. I was always little and petite and ate whatever I wanted. Once I moved away from my… Continue reading

My First Strength Competition in 17 years – The Return.

Hello all! Due to life happening, we have not had as much time to complete entries as much as we would like.  However if you have been following Transformationpics on Facebook  or Instagram, … Continue reading

Tranformation Profile – Angela – lbs lost = 60

Starting weight – 210lbs Current weight – 150lbs I have struggled with my weight for most of my life, from middle school until recently. I was a dancer through all these years, so… Continue reading

Transformation Profile – Dani – lbs lost =116+

1.  Starting weight 363 pounds. Current weight 247.  I just took my measurements and I’ve lost 122.25 overall inches since September of 2012.  2.  I have been on a “diet” since I was… Continue reading

Transformation Profile – Zoe – lbs lost =150

Starting Weight – 275lbs Current Weight – 125lbs I have lost 150 lbs and have completely transformed myself from fat to fit! Once weighing 275 lbs, I realized that I did not want… Continue reading