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Naomi – lbs lost = 55

Starting Weight-176lbs(35% body fat) Current Weight-121 lbs (10% body fat) Blog – FB Health Get Things Done Twitter  HealthGTD LinkedIn Naomi Roeleveld Living a healthy lifestyle, exercising, eating right is International, with that It’s… Continue reading

Jimmy – lbs lost = 180

Starting Weight – 410lbs Current Weight – 230lbs Website/Blog – Podcast – Facebook – Twitter –!/livinlowcarbman Youtube – My name is Jimmy Moore and I have quite a… Continue reading

Pamela – lbs lost = 130

MY JOURNEY…..In February 2009,  my doctor told me gastric bypass was the only thing that was going to save me from diabetes because she’d been telling me for years to lose weight. I’d been pre-diabetic for several… Continue reading

PSA #1 – There is no such thing as Toning…

‘Shape-ups’ shoemaker fined $40 million; FTC cites bogus fitness claims According to the FTC, Sketchers agreed to pay a hefty $40 million fine to settle charges the California-based company deceived consumers by making… Continue reading

Audrey – lbs lost = 150

Starting Weight-260lbs Current Weight-110lbs (Size 2) Website/Blog – Facebook – Youtube – My Most Popular Recipe – I have struggled with my weight for years, at my largest I… Continue reading

Cocoa Puffs, Insulin & Muscle!

Yes you read it right. we eat Cocoa puffs & we enjoy it! Now you must be thinking, What! They lost/maintain weight by eating a sugary kid’s cereal?!?!  Ha ha hold up a… Continue reading

Steeler’s Hood- Off Season Training Video..

I posted up a entry a few weeks ago about Ziggy Hood’s 4 week transformation here.  Well the guy’s at Outer limits where he trains at this offseason just posted a video compilation… Continue reading

Circuit’s 11!

Meagan, who’s feature entry is here  – shows you how to get in effective workout when your pressed for time or cannot get to the gym.

Heather – lbs lost = 157

Starting Weight – 315lbs Current Weight – 157lbs Twitter: @heatherwajer Hi I’m Heather Wajer, a triathlete from Northern California. In 2007 I found myself over 315 pounds after losing my mom to ALS… Continue reading


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Transformation Pics – A Motivating Blog Spot So you’re not a glamorous movie star or a top-performing professional athlete – there’s more of “us” out there than there…