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Pro Football Hall of Fame

              Greetings All! After getting two of our 3 weight training workouts in, we are about to travel up to Canton Ohio for a first time visit… Continue reading

The Fear Of “Bulkiness” and CrossFit

Originally posted on CrossFit FMS:
This will be my one and only post about CrossFit making you bulky. I get just a little tired of breaking it down again and again for people.…

Training Images of the week #1

We are starting a new semi weekly feature on the site.  On a whim, we will be doing a blog post of just images.  Pics of our weekly training without words.  It wont include… Continue reading


“Not consuming protein is almost as bad as committing a crime. Think of it as robbing a bank that has no money. All that effort planning the robbery and committing it and you… Continue reading

Cherie – lbs lost = 85

Starting Weight –  230lbs Current Weight  –  145lbs **Goal 130 pounds, then gain about 8-10 pounds back of muscle to stay around 138 pounds/maintenance level** Blog: Twitter:@cherielianne Facebook: YouTube: Instagram: @cherierunsthis Pinterest:… Continue reading

Amber S. – lbs down = 90

Starting Weight – 246lbs Current Weight – 156lbs GooglePlus/AmbersFitn​ess I am from Seattle, I was born into a dysfunctional family (as we all are) that ate… Continue reading

Ashley – lbs lost = 37

Starting Weight – 160lbs Current Weight – 123lbs (14% body fat) Facebook – For as long as I can remember I’ve been an athlete. To name a few there was tee ball,… Continue reading

Sarah – lbs lost = 38

Starting Weight – 160lbs Current Weight – 122lbs 12% BF (RD estimated but not measured) Website/Blog – Facebook – I want to tell you all a little bit about my journey.… Continue reading

Tink – lbs lost = 84

Starting Weight -410lbs Current Weight – 326lbs Facebook – My name is Tink McGathy. I have been in the “change my life for the better” mode for the past 6 years. First… Continue reading

Katie L.- lbs lost = 112

Starting Weight – 290lbs Current Weight – 178lbs (and continuing) Website/Blog – Twitter – My name’s Katie. I’m 24 years old. I’m attempting to do a Literature PhD on top of… Continue reading