Monthly Archive: August, 2012

Tracie – lbs lost = 165

Starting Weight – 310 lbs Current Weight – 145lbs After years of living in denial about my health and my weight, I literally woke up one day sick and tired of feeling sick… Continue reading

Jenny – lbs lost = 212

Starting Weight: 369 Size 32 Current Weight: 157 Size 8/10 pants, Size 6 dress. My backstory: In 2008 I hit rock bottom.  I was a full-time graduate student, a full-time stay-at-home-mother and I… Continue reading

Tara – lbs lost = 110

Starting Weight: 270 pounds Current Weight: 160 pounds (maintenance since Nov 2010) Facebook: and Twitter: Website: It’s so hard to really tell your story about weight loss. Most people… Continue reading

Sarah K. – lbs lost = 100

Starting Weight: 359 Current Weight: 259 Webpage – Most people (including me) start out the every new year with those all too familiar resolutions to eat more, exercise, quit smoking, be a better… Continue reading

Guest Blog – Run (Or Walk) For Your Life! by Christine Michele

I’m often inspired by the amazing transformations I’ve seen on this site – and am always curious to learn more about the various techniques people use to change their lives and commit to… Continue reading

Nataisha – lbs lost = 212(ongoing)

Starting Weight – 408lbs Current Weight – 196lbs Website – Facebook – Twitter – My name is Nataisha “ADivaRunner” Ramirez and 7 years ago, I got sick and tired of being sick and… Continue reading

Beef – lbs lost = 81

Starting Weight-  330lbs Current Weight – 249lbs/Goal: 199lbs– last time I saw this weight was senior year of high school Website/blog – Facebook – What is the secret to my weight… Continue reading

Cardio Bunny Confessions

I (R) will admit it and come clean, I was a cardio bunny.  I learned it at an early age when my mom and I went on weight watchers to lose weight.  I… Continue reading

Amy – lbs lost = 342

Starting Weight-  497lbs/BMI 63% Dress size: 48 Current Weight – 155lbs/BMI 14% Dress size 10 website: Twitter: iaofitness FB: Youtube: I have been overweight all my life, or for as long as… Continue reading

Dealing w/hunger while dieting…

  Some of the visitors that come across this site are either in the midst of their own transformation, getting ready to show themselves in a competition or just want to take off… Continue reading