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Feature on Socially_Fit

Originally posted on Socially Fit:
Live With Intention. Train With Purpose. William and his wife Rhonda (before weight loss) I am a husband, a father (to a teenage daughter), an employee at a…

Weight Training Images (Pull Day) – 9/27

  Another great workout in our gym was had.  (R) pulled 165 ‘s 3 on deadlifts for a another pr!  Exercises utilized were deadlifts, chins(W), underhand pulldowns(R) Kettlebell rows(r), wide grip pulldowns(w), seated… Continue reading

Weight Training Images (Legs) 9/25

Leg day Leg day Leg day.  Either you love it or your hate it lol.  We love leg day at our house!  Why? Because it hurts, it gets your heart rate up &… Continue reading

Weight Training Images (Push Day) 9/23

  Here are a couple pics from our “Push Day” workout from this past Sunday.  The exercises performed that day were bench press,  incline fly, military press, front/side laterals, skull crushers & pushdowns… Continue reading

Nitrean +, Why it’s superior to just Whey protein alone.

We have mentioned previously our love for Nitrean +, the protein powder made by Atlarge Nutrition & its roll that it played as a major supplement on our weight loss journey.   Recently the… Continue reading

Transformation Profile – April

Stats starting body weight/fat  current body weight/fat     Starting Weight:  117     Starting Fat %:    21%     Current Weight:   110     Current Fat %:     14% Background –  While I have been lucky in my life to have… Continue reading

Glute Training Images 9/21

Not long after we started the blog in late May/June, we posted a couple of very good articles about glute training here & here.  Both articles introduced my husband to a bunch of… Continue reading

Weight Training Images (Pull Day) 9/20

  Yesterday was our “Pull” workout(which consists of back/bi’s) in our home gym.  I (R) had a new deadlift pr of 155×2!  I’m excited to see the  increase in my strength base on… Continue reading

Weight Training Images From 9/18

      In this pic addition was leg day.   Once again, nothing fancy, no machines, just us vs the iron & the basics.  (R) set a new Squat PR(pictured above) of 145… Continue reading

Transformation Profile – Chantelle

Hello  I am Chantelle Emch – I am 22 years old, a military wife and a mom of 2 boy’s.  I  had always been able to eat what i wanted and never been… Continue reading