Monthly Archive: October, 2012

Update/Weight Training Images 10/21,23 and 24th/Notes

  Got slightly behind on our workout posts as we are T-4 days until we are on vacation! Our first cruise to the Bahamas.  Very excited as our minds & body’s need to… Continue reading

Weight Training Images 10/17 & 10/18 (OHP & Back Day)

Greetings all! I’m going to combine 2 days in to this post as we have a busy weekend coming up.  Contained in this post is our overhead press & pull day.  As mentioned… Continue reading

Lori – lbs lost = 60

Starting Weight – 198lbs Current Weight – 138lbs After finding myself in misery, discontentment and the worst I felt in years, I knew I needed change.  Despite the fact I had been clean… Continue reading

Weight Training Images 10/16 (Legs)/New Pr/Notes/Meme

  We posted this meme on our fb & it was a hit.   Laughter is good for the body so when we seen this it brought a smile to our face.  If you… Continue reading

Weight Training Images 10/14 (Push Day)

Push day = chest/tri for you bawdy builders 🙂  We decided to begin to implement the 5/3/1 split into this weeks rotation to begin to get used to it so that we can… Continue reading

Renata – lbs lost = 100

Starting Weight – 230lbs Current Weight – 130lbs *Has maintained 100lb loss for 2 years* BEFORE When did you realise you had issues with your weight? Was there a particular incident? Was it… Continue reading

Transformation Profile – Cross Fit Athlete Libby Dibiase

(Note – We have mentioned previously how much respect we have for Cross Fit.  So needless to say we are excited to present this short feature we did with Cross Fit athlete Libby… Continue reading

Weight Training Images 10/11 (Pull Day)/Notes

  Greetings all! writing this edition) This was our pull day workout from 10/11.  Another pr was set by (R) on the deadlift as she pulled 185lbs.  I am super proud of her… Continue reading

Daniel – lbs lost = 72

Staring Weight 250lbs/40+% bf.. Current Weight – 178lbs/12%bf (and dropping) Back round –I have always been an athlete, so working out was a way of life. I always ate what I wanted so… Continue reading

Visit One Fit Mama’s blog (Thanks for the nomination!)

Please visit One Fit Mama’s blog and cheer her on as she prepares for her first competition.