Monthly Archive: November, 2012

Training Images – Caught in Motion Series

In the spirit of looking back at progress,  we went through our training photos and a few stills stood out among those taken.   Training pics of our sessions have proven to be so… Continue reading

Looking Back-New Pic Collage- Give Away

  With the hustle & bustle of everyday life, we sometimes forget about how we have progressed.  It isn’t until we stop, look & reflect on a photo or 2, that we truly… Continue reading

Transformation Profile – Julie

  Date at Start of Transformation: August 2011 Date at Completion of Transformation: November 2012 Height: 5’9” Starting Weight: 160 Ending Weight: 130 Starting Bodyfat %: 26% Ending Bodyfat %: 10% Waist: From… Continue reading

Instagram/Big update of Training Images

We hope you faithful readers of the blog don’t thing that we just fell off the wagon after our vacation earlier this month! lol.  No as with life, we fell behind on uploading… Continue reading

Rick – lbs lost = 158

Starting weight 426 pounds Current weight 268 I’ve been overweight pretty much my entire life.  In the second grade I just kinda ballooned and have struggled ever since.  On February 13, 2012, I… Continue reading

Transformation Profile – Cassye

  Stats starting body weight/fat current body weight/fat Start 138/26%        Now 115/18.3% Back round – My name is Cassye, and I used to be a pretty conventional suburban mom over 40. I woke… Continue reading

Quick Website Reference Links

Since the website now has over 70 incredible individual profiles and features, this page will serve as a quick reference guide for you, the reader to find what your looking for faster. For… Continue reading

Transformation Profile – Zandra

Website/Blog – 1. Stats In March 2010, I was severely underweight at 86 lbs at 5’8”. I haven’t weighed myself since I try to avoid the scale and just go by what… Continue reading

Weight Training Images 11/3,11/4(Chest/Legs) & TS Sandy

We got back from our vacation on 11/3 and were completely relaxed and ready to resume with our training.  We lifted light  a cpl days while we were gone however training with light… Continue reading

Transformation Profile – Rose

My Stats: Starting weight as of January 2, 2012 – 145 lbs Current/contest weight as of October 28, 2012 – 133 lbs My Story: I was 16 when I started weight training. I… Continue reading