Monthly Archive: December, 2012

Transformation Profile – Lisa – Size 14 to Size 1

**We started following Lisa’s blog from the beginning as we both started around the same time, her journey has been an inspiring one considering all that she accomplished in a short amount of… Continue reading

Transformation Profile – Kelly – lbs lost = 55

** We have been following Kelly’s blog since this summer as it is always a interesting read.  As a mother myself, I am always inspired to see other mom’s striving to stay healthy… Continue reading

**Our Anniversary :)**

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary & we took a few moments to reminisce, pray & to be thankful that we found each other.  When we began our life’s journey, we took the vows… Continue reading

*5/3/1 Program and Training Images Update*

5/3/1 – As noted previously, we started Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 program back in November. Well we are finishing up our second 4 week cycle of the program and we have been making all… Continue reading

**Product Review ** – The Polar FT40

Greetings All, As mentioned in the last post, we were blessed enough to be sent a Polar watch (Model FT40) by #Polarusa to try out and review.  Throughout our training history, we had… Continue reading

Polar Watches – “Listen to your Body”

  Tis the season!  If you browse fitness related blogs, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages,  you have seen people take pics of  a watch on their wrist reflecting their hardwork & calorie burn. … Continue reading

Patricia – lbs lost = 37

Stats I am 34, almost 35 years of age, I am a mother of two teenagers and am 162cm in height. I started at 160lbs and this was when I was first game… Continue reading

Conditioning is a Sham – By Mark Rippetoe

Seen this article come across my feed yesterday and found it pretty interesting.  If you are a weight trainer  or even if your not, I believe u will find this article interesting as… Continue reading

Leo – lbs lost = 60

Stats starting body weight/fat current body weight/fat 320lb 51%BF 260 31%BF Back round I really never had a problem with my weight until I got off Active Duty in the Army. Trained initially… Continue reading

New Toy + 1st workout = Killer!

“The Prowler is simply the best tool ever invented for conditioning. It’s simple. It’s cheap. It’s completely concentric, leads to little increased fatigue, doesn’t contribute to systemic inflammation, and yet it’s still harder… Continue reading