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Transformation Profile – Liliana – lbs lost = 81

Starting Weight – 213lbs Current Weight – 135lbs I started on October 2011 when they diagnosed me with high blood pressure , high cholesterol, fatty liver among others health problems .  My current… Continue reading

**200th Post! – Wordless Leg Day Throwdown**

Transformation Profile – Detosha – lbs lost = 103

I went from a size 22/24- 6/8 and still going. See my journey below and pics attached. It took me 8-12 months to get the weight off (2010) since then I’ve maintained the weight loss… Continue reading

**Product Review** WODSOX – “Forging Elite Feetness”

As most of you our faithful readers know, I – Rhonda absolutely LOVE to train  without shoes on, especially on Leg & Deadlift/Pull days.  Also being that my husband and I eat a… Continue reading

**Hip Belt Squats/NFL Combine/Deload Week Training/Aruba**

This is our deload week of training where we take it easy, go light, work on form, recoup & refresh before the next meso cycle.   Next week will begin our 5th meso cycle… Continue reading

Rest of the week Training Highlights – Wordless

The Perfect Workout Partner: Why Couples Who Sweat Together Stay Together

**Reblogging this from the Huffington Post, because well we are an example of this article 🙂  Without the mutual support & love from each of us, we doubt we would have been able… Continue reading

7 More Weeks…. :)

Transformation Profile – Ashlee – lbs lost = 200

Starting Weight / body fat: 350lbs 52% body fat     Current Weight /body fat    150 lbs 19% body fat   I have been morbidly obese all my life due to emotional… Continue reading

Push It To The Limit Push Day – Wordless