Monthly Archive: May, 2013

**1 Year Birthday!/Observations from the past year**

Greetings all, This post has been in the making for the past few weeks as we milled our thoughts together on what to write.   We have had discussions on whether or not to… Continue reading

**Large update of Training Pics (Post Aruba)- Wordless**

Transformation Profile – Scott – lbs lost = 100

On May 8th, 2013 I reached the milestone of having lost 100 pounds, from my highest weight of 315! My starting BMI was 42.5 @ 38.6% body fat (according to my scale) and… Continue reading

Transformation Profile – Candice – lbs lost = 160+

Starting weight: 327 Current weight 170 I have been overweight the majority of my life. Probably from kindergarten until I decided to make a change at 24 My current fitness goals are to… Continue reading