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Transformation Profile – Mary – lbs lost = 100+

Staring weight –  294lbs Current weight – 187lbs I have lost 101 lbs. since October of 2011.  In September of 2011, my world kind of fell apart around me, I was depressed and… Continue reading

Transformation Profile – Francisco – lbs lost = 87

Starting weight Jan 2012: 340lbs waist: 46 Current weight June 2013: 253lbs waist: 36-38 Goal weight: 230 My story. In 2007 I was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma. I was Obese (340lbs) and smoked… Continue reading

**Review** E Book – The Healthy Bodybuilder and Powerlifter

As we have mentioned previously on this site, we are fans of  Shelby Starnes’s articles and writing.  We have shared a few of his articles on this site with you all because of… Continue reading

Transformation Profile – Stephanie – lbs lost = 100+

Former weight: 250 lbs. (size 18) Current weight: 143 lbs. (size 4) Total Pounds lost: 107 lbs. Height: 5’6 I am Stephanie Schuh and I have created the website The Science Of… Continue reading

Transformation Profile – Gabar – BF % lost = 10

Starting Weight – 85K/188lbs/21% body fat Current Weight  – 78K/171lbs/11% body fat My name is Gabar Singh. I have been training all my life, boxing for 10 years, even boxed for England twice… Continue reading

Transformation Profile – Nicole – lbs lost 50+

Starting Weight 160lbs (post pregnancy) Current Weight 100-118 (Contest/Offseason) My journey started on May 14, 2011 when my husband turned off the car while the windshield wipers were still on, leaving them stuck… Continue reading

10 Reasons Why Squatting In The Smith Machine Sucks

“I just recently came across this article written by Mehdi Hadim at  via by a fellow female weight trainer who had shared it on her FB page.   I (R) get notes from… Continue reading

Transformation Profile – Allie(Mother of 2) – lbs lost = 50+

  Stats – starting weight- 211 current weight- 160 23% body fat Back ground – I have never been “skinny” or athletic growing up. I liked food, alot, and I endulged frequently. When… Continue reading

Transformation Profile = Ryan – lbs lost = 34 and 16% Bodyfat

Starting Weight: 214lbs Ending Weight: 180lbs Starting BF: 24% Ending BF: 8% I’ve struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. Growing up I always wanted to be a Soldier,… Continue reading

**This is why I squat :) – Wordless**