Monthly Archive: August, 2013

Transformation Profile – Kristine – lbs lost =75+

Starting weight: (November 2012) 231lbs Current Weight: (August 2013) 153lbs I have probably quit & re-joined Weight Watchers more than any person in history. It was an “ALL OR NOTHING” mentality. If I… Continue reading

Transformation Profile – Kayla – lbs lost = 50+

Starting Weight – 218lbs Current Weight  – 164lbs I have always been thin. Never worried about what to eat, I pretty much ate whatever I wanted. Hardly ever exercised other than what was… Continue reading

Transformation Profile – Karen – lbs lost =158

Starting Weight – 336lbs (24 stone) Current Weight – 178lbs (13stone) Id been overweight since very young around 6/7 years old, id been abused by a family member and food was my comfort… Continue reading

Transformation Profile – Walter – lbs lost = 100

6’01 Staring weight -347 pounds . Current : 250 pounds  — ( I used to be 230 pounds , but I was looking very skinny and not muscles so I gained 20 pounds)… Continue reading

Transformation Profile – JoJo – lbs lost = 142lbs

Starting Weight 349lbs (size 28/30) Current Weight 207lbs (size 14/16) In the middle of 2011  i joined WW, I lost 75 pounds. I gained 15 of it back.  In November of 2012 my… Continue reading

“Advice to Novice Lifters”

I Seen this posted the other day on IG & it resonated with me in this day of 30 day non weighted squat programs, smith machines, pink dumbbells & how easy the general… Continue reading

Transformation Profile – Robins – lbs lost = 50

I’ve always struggled with my weight since I was a kid. I was made fun of and my self-esteem was at an all-time low.  However, when I was 14 I hit puberty and… Continue reading