Transformation Profile – Dani – lbs lost =116+


1.  Starting weight 363 pounds. Current weight 247.  I just took my measurements and I’ve lost 122.25 overall inches since September of 2012. 

2.  I have been on a “diet” since I was 10 years old. Did I need to be? Heck no! But my mother had issues with her weight and they became mine. I was a chubby little girl but I wasn’t fat or unhealthy. However, a lifetime of “dieting” and then falling off the wagon made me fat and unhealthy and put me to my highest weight ever…363 pounds! (I can’t believe that I can finally say that number now!)

On August 5, 2012, I joined Weight Watchers and it changed my life…forever! I have never once felt like I’m on a diet. I feel like I am living and I’m doing it right! I couldn’t fit in a booth at a restaurant, I had quit going to amusement parks and concerts because I couldn’t fit or walk without pain and I couldn’t even get in my car without being out of breath. I wasn’t living but I WAS dying… quickly!

My cholesterol was so bad that my doctor told me I’d have a heart attack within 10 years if something didn’t change. On my one year anniversary of joining weight watchers, I lost my 100th pound! I’d say that was the change he was talking about! It was the greatest day of my life…up to that point! I have now lost 116 pounds and I’m 41 days into my New Year’s Resolution to go to the gym every single day for a year! I will do it because I feel unstoppable! I have done bootcamp, I went to my first amusement park in 15 years, I went on my first AND LAST roller coaster (LOL), I have done presentations at WW about my success to inspire newbies (and rocked them) and my cholesterol dropped 37 points in one year!

I started a weightloss page, to inspire others to start their own journey. And my Instagram is DanyeilD. The letters I get make me cry, literally! There are so many people that are as lost as I was, just looking for one thing to inspire them to make that change, take that leap…I want to be that one thing! I WANT TO INSPIRE! The feeling of being an inspiration at the one thing I always failed at is amazing!

3. My current goal is to get to 199 lbs by my 2 year anniversary of joining Weight Watchers.  I haven’t seen that #1 in 20 years! 

4.  I walk half a mile at lunch, a mile after work, I do an hour of cardio every night at the gym and I alternate upper and lower body weights. I do cardio every day but I take off two days a week from weights. 

5. I eat according to my Weight Watchers plan, 5 servings of fruits and veggies, lean protein and very little carbs, I drink a lot of water and stay away from fast food!