Transformation Profile – Rebecca – lbs lost = 70+

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    Starting Weight – 205lbs

    Current Weight  – 133lbs

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    I believe some stories are better left unsaid for the sake of others feelings, but at the same time if left unsaid you are letting down those that it could possibly touch and change forever. I like to view my story as a life changing event and It was very hard for me to share but in order to grow we need to learn how to become vulnerable. Many who know me know that I did not have the greatest life growing up. I was raised in a very abusive environment. Don’t get me wrong there were some good times but the bad times outweigh them. My stepfather of 22 years was extremely abusive both physically and mentally to me, my siblings, and my mother. I have endured things in my life that no human being should have ever endured. With the abuse came insecurity, I never felt I was good enough for anyone or can be anything more.

    How I was treated at home and the environment I grew up in reflected in my relationships and friendships. I was bullied in elementary school for being that “chubby, poor” kid. I dealt with this for a good part of my life. My situation at home was so bad, that I reached a point in my teenage years where I wanted out, I wanted more. I searched to fill the void of being wanted and loved. That search left me with more emptiness and also with a child at the age of 15. Oddly enough, I was ok with that choice as I knew my mom would have no part in this and that would be my way out of the house. So here I am, 15 years old dealing with yet again another verbally & physically abusive relationship with my child’s father living in low income housing. Collecting welfare, depending on public transportation, begging friends for rides to school so that my daughter could get into the schools daycare, not your typical fairy tale. I wanted more, and I knew I deserved more. I managed to graduate from High School my #1 goal, but I didn’t have the opportunity to take it further into college.

    Years passed by, and I continued to work full-time to provide a life for myself and my daughter. I find myself depressed filled with angered, and hated the cards I was dealt with in life. By this time I was around 180 pounds from the small frame of 5’3 115lbs I was taunted by my daughter’s father about my weight. I began to work on my weight, which brought me to about 165, and this is when I met my husband. Throughout my years with him, I had such terrible self-esteem, a terrible image of myself. So I began doing things out of pure desperation thinking that if I were skinny that I would be more loved, as if any other human being could have loved me anymore than this man has already have. This kind of love was foreign to me, I didn’t know how to take it. I went from weighing 165 pounds to 205 pounds with the pregnancy of our daughter then back to about 185 pounds afterward. At this point I was desperate and developed an eating disorder, which brought my weight to 113 pounds in less than a year. I had no control over myself, calorie counting and the thought of being fat controlled my life and deepen my eating disorder habit and put me at a low yet again. I knew deep inside that if I didn’t get control of this demon living inside of me that I would not be around long enough to enjoy my children grow into adulthood. Finding yourself on your bathroom floor in tears wiping vomit from your face while your child is at the door asking why you are taking so long and what is wrong, is not a pleasant memory to live with. My husband tried to help, my mom whom our relationship improved over the years tried to help, and even my family doctor tried to help and yet the habit continued.

    Around 2012 I don’t recall the month, I was at church one evening begging the prayer team in uncontrollably tears asking for prayers and healing because I knew I needed help from a higher power. At that moment is when I developed the strength to stop, and I knew with God by my side I was strong enough to overcome this demon that had took over me for years, and I did. I began working out at the local gym with my husband and just accepting me, learning that it is possible to have someone love me for me, no matter what size I am or damaged I might be. My husband’s famous line to me when I complained about my weigh is “You are forgetting that when I met you were big.” Sometimes I like to strangle him when he says this, but he is right. He saw me for who I was. With the comfort, unfortunately came in the pounds. I went from a frail to about 137 pounds and I knew this wasn’t good. Not that I would ever go back to my addiction but I knew I needed to start making smarter choices.

    Then came this amazing little secret called Beachbody. After bumping into my coach I began following different pages and threads and just growing an interest. I began working out with T25 but never really stayed committed until I did my 1st challenge group. Just being connected with a group of people filled with a huge passion to be a better version of themselves empowered me to jump full board with Beachbody. I knew I was not alone and I had a group of individuals on this journey with me. Soon after I tapped into the Shakeology and other Beachbody programs I had more energy, lost the junk food cravings, and overall felt great. My body was getting exactly what it needed a healthy dense of nutrition’s and a kickass workout. My body is toning in ways that I never thought possible, and my weight is up to where it should be. I know I did not lose the majority of my weight through Beachbody programs, and I wish I was introduced to it sooner when I needed it the most. I became an Independent Beachbody coach because of my struggles and the unhealthy habits I used in the past and want to share the benefits of using the Beachbody programs with others, so that they do not go through what I went through. Within my 10 months as an independent Beachbody coach I have helped, motivated, many individuals to make a commitment and do it the right way. By sticking with one of the programs and push themselves to the limit and reach the end. Results are always at the end of the rope waiting for us, we just have to push ourselves and stay committed and motivated to get to them and I am here to help you reach that end. So no matter where you are in your walk of life, just know that there is someone out there waiting to help, all you have to do is ask. I did. We are stronger than we think and have the power to overcome ANYTHING! Thanks to my husband, Beachbody, and most importantly thanks to GOD!!!