6 year celebration w/pics

“By some estimates, more than 80 percent of people who have lost weight regain all of it, or more, after two years. Researchers at the University of California at Los Angeles analyzed 31 long-term diet studies and found that about two-thirds of dieters regained more weight within four or five years than they initially lost.”

When we were preparing this post to celebrate 6 years of maintaining 90+ lbs lost for each of us, we came across this statistic and was astounded by it.  We guess its because we just go along our days busy with life things & just do what we do without thinking about it.  Things such as eating clean & working out.  That has become so normal to us now that it seems that we don’t consider that “special” anymore.

Here are our beginning & current stats as of 6/9/16    We started our journey 6/09 and had lost 100lbs by 6/10

R –  Starting Weight 250lbs(size 18-20) – Current Weight 145 lbs(Size -4/5)

W- Starting Weight – 335lbs(waist 48/50) Current Weight 250/55 (waist 38)

We get many inquiries all the time asking for tips.  We only have 1.   We don’t like to advise people because we are not Dr’s nor licensed trainers or nutritionists.  But the biggest thing that worked for us and has made what we do sustainable is simple.   Its what we call a “free day”.

A free day is quite simply 1 day a week (usually Sunday’s) that we allow ourselves 1 -2 meals of anything that we may be craving at the time.  It could be anything, (however we dont do buffets) pizza, ribs, subs whatever.  If we want it, we get it.  Once that day is over, its back to our regularly scheduled programming in regards to our normal clean eating.  So if your counting at home, thats 6 days of eating clean, 1 day (1 or 2 meals) of eating “dirty”, fun or free.   That’s our secret, its what keeps us motivated & what breaks up the daily grind so to speak.  Do good 6 days, have fun & relax on the 7th.  That might not work for all, but to maintain 90+ lbs lost for 3 years – it has obviously worked for us.

No we aren’t “ripped” nor do we have a “6 pack”, as that seems to be the standard that people judge “success” on. But what we do have is our health, a happy marriage/family & a relationship with GOD.   We are just your average married couple that wanted to improve their health, but the greatest thing was that we did it together and continue to do it.

Be Blessed all.