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**”It’s Gotta Be The Shoes!!” – Proper gym footwear for Weight Training**

One of my fav commercials growing up & what a natural segway  into the subject of this post.   On our facebook page here –  atleast once every couple weeks, we get questions on… Continue reading

**Review** E Book – The Healthy Bodybuilder and Powerlifter

As we have mentioned previously on this site, we are fans of  Shelby Starnes’s articles and writing.  We have shared a few of his articles on this site with you all because of… Continue reading

**Product Review** WODSOX – “Forging Elite Feetness”

As most of you our faithful readers know, I – Rhonda absolutely LOVE to train  without shoes on, especially on Leg & Deadlift/Pull days.  Also being that my husband and I eat a… Continue reading

**Product Review ** – The Polar FT40

Greetings All, As mentioned in the last post, we were blessed enough to be sent a Polar watch (Model FT40) by #Polarusa to try out and review.  Throughout our training history, we had… Continue reading