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My First Strength Competition in 17 years – The Return.

Hello all! Due to life happening, we have not had as much time to complete entries as much as we would like.  However if you have been following Transformationpics on Facebook  or Instagram, … Continue reading

**This is why I squat :) – Wordless**

** Squats! – When W. Got His Groove Back :)**

Good Day friends, Was motivated to make this post today just in case there was someone out their like me (The Mr. part of the couple) that needed work on their squat form/technique. … Continue reading

**Large update of Training Pics (Post Aruba)- Wordless**

**Last Week’s Demolition Days PT2**

**Last Week’s Heavyweight Destruction Highlights PT1**

  So sorry for the delay in posting these, we have been super productive in our lives outside of working out that we are now just getting around to posting these in 2… Continue reading

**Ponderous Pull Day Training Pics – Wordless**

**Colossal Legs Workout – Wordless**

**Press Day Showdown – Wordless**

Wordless Photos from Last 3 Workouts…