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End of January – Still Got Goals?

**Hello all! Please welcome our friend, personal trainer & nutritionist Colin Deway, we asked him to stop by and share some knowledge with us all. My husband and I get emails, and messages… Continue reading

Transformation Profile – Keri – lbs lost = 93

Starting weight 340 Current Weight 247 Starting Size 28 Current Size 16 Hi Guys! I just wanted to write a quick post to introduce myself. My name is Keri and I’m in… Continue reading

Transformation Profile – Susie – lbs lost = 75+

Height – 5’2 Starting Weight – 210lbs Current Weight – 135lbs Contest Weight -115lbs In 2008, I weighed 210lbs. At 5’2″, I was about as round as I am Short! lol I never… Continue reading

Transformation Profile – Kristine – lbs lost =75+

Starting weight: (November 2012) 231lbs Current Weight: (August 2013) 153lbs I have probably quit & re-joined Weight Watchers more than any person in history. It was an “ALL OR NOTHING” mentality. If I… Continue reading

Transformation Profile – Walter – lbs lost = 100

6’01 Staring weight -347 pounds . Current : 250 pounds  — ( I used to be 230 pounds , but I was looking very skinny and not muscles so I gained 20 pounds)… Continue reading

**1 Year Birthday!/Observations from the past year**

Greetings all, This post has been in the making for the past few weeks as we milled our thoughts together on what to write.   We have had discussions on whether or not to… Continue reading

**We’re Back! – Aruba Trip Photos and Commentary**

Good Day/Evening/Night friends!  Finally we have had a small window of opportunity to sit down and reflect back on what was another amazing trip.   A little history here,  When we married, we… Continue reading


Training Images – Leg Day!! 1/8/13

One of our fav days,  no. fancy machines just Barbell on body work.  On the last 3+ set of squats,  R drove the pictured weight for 6 reps and W was weaksauce on… Continue reading

Training Images – Press Day 1/7/12

We will keep the words to a minimum because like Playboy Magazine, no one clicks on workout posts to read the articles –  they click for the pics! Lol .  Highlights from this… Continue reading