Melissa – lbs lost = 50

Starting weight-180lbs Current weight-130lbs website My results video Facebook – Twitter –!/M_Morris_ email These are MY Insanity RESULTS and you can do the SAME! I would LOVE to… Continue reading

Why the website was started…..

You see them every time you check out at the grocery store. Magazines covers with headlines spotlighting the latest celebrity weight loss.  You see them, you can’t help but notice them.  When the… Continue reading

Jenn – lbs lost = 49(and counting)

Jenn Starting 250lbs 6/10 Current 201lbs  6/12 Follow her blog at I’m a school counselor at a middle school.  I gained 100 pounds when I quit smoking in 1986.  In the intervening… Continue reading

What? Another glute training article? :)

I’m in the camp that one can never acquire too much knowledge.  So with that said, I came across a recent article on T Nation.   If you play sports, or just want your… Continue reading

Man Loses 370 Pounds the Old-Fashioned Way, Reclaims Life

In 2010, Neil Burns weighed a whopping 680 pounds.  Too tired to go about his daily life because of his size and with his eating habits spiraling out of control, the 44-year-old father… Continue reading

High-Protein, Low-Carb Diet Safe for Kidneys

For decades, medical experts have been concerned that high-protein, low-carb diets like Atkins could be damaging to the kidneys, but a new study found that this isn’t the case in otherwise healthy patients.… Continue reading

Tiffany – lbs lost = 90+

Tiffany Twitter  tiffanyforni Before: Age: 22 Height: 5’6″ Weight: 235 lbs Body Fat: 39% Pants Size: 22 After: Age: 23 Height: 5’6″ Weight: 142 lbs Body Fat: 6% Pants Size: 3 I… Continue reading

Ladies(& men) – Dispelling the Glute Myth

Most women and I’d guess to say men as well would love firmer, well rounded glutes.  I admit to being under the misconception as well when it comes to training the glutes.  It… Continue reading

Maintenance Confessional #1

I hit up a friend of mine who has maintained over 70+ ibs off for close to 7 years now & here are their pearls of wisdom: P90X for training and change in… Continue reading

Ashley – lbs lost = 45+

Starting Size 16 Current Size  3/4 April 5, 2011 I found myself 26 years old, overweight, being put on high blood pressure medicine, and with a family history of type-2 diabetes, I decided… Continue reading