Fitness Tool Box -Kettlebell Training/Burn Fat And Build Muscles!

Fitness Tool Box – Having more than 1 activity to improve & increase your fitness levels. I.E. We did not just lift weights and do treadmill cardio to lose weight and build muscle.… Continue reading

Lechelle – lbs lost = 65 ( and counting)

Lechelle Age: 40 Heaviest Weight: 245lbs (size 22) Current Weight: 180lbs (size 12) Total Loss to Date:  65lbs…..and still losing I have ALWAYS been heavy ever since I can remember. As a little… Continue reading

Jill – lbs lost = 100

Jill Knapp Age: 45 Height: 5’8″ Before weight: 237 After weight: 137 Maintained for 3+ yrs Web site: “Get Up and Get Moving” Facebook Page: “Get Up and Get Moving” Twitter  100poundsgone How I gained it: During my first pregnancy,… Continue reading

No 600 calorie beverages! Zilch Free Mixers..

We love to travel, especially to the island of Aruba.  When we are relaxing on the beautiful Eagle Beach there, it is so tempting to drink those lush tropical drinks, they are so… Continue reading

Ken – lbs lost = 353

Age 51 Starting Weight 580ibs Ending Weight  227ibs Current Weight 242ibs (added muscle) Blog/Website- My name is Ken. In April of 2008 I stepped on the electronic scale at the health clinic… Continue reading

5 Surprising Reasons You Blew Your Diet..

  One of the most knowledgeable nutritionists out there is Shelby Starnes.  He’s a great writer as as well so when he writes articles, I pay attention.  Here is one of his most… Continue reading

Molly – lbs lost = 46 and counting.

Molly Nitka aka Fluffy Girl Heaviest weight: 231 Current Weight: 185 size 14 My story is almost like every other story.

Atlarge Nutrition – Nitrean/Nitrean+ discount code

One of the supplements we used & relied on heavily on our “Get it right” weight loss diet is Nitrean protein powder made by Atlarge Nutrition. We used Nitrean atleast twice a day… Continue reading

William – lbs lost = 113

Former weight: 335 lbs./Pants size 48/50 Current weight: 222 lbs/Pants size 36 and continuing to lose Total Pounds lost: 113 lbs Height: 5’7 1/2 Blog/Web sites: soon) Weight-loss method:  Primarily prayer and… Continue reading

Rhonda – lbs lost = 115

Former weight: 250 lbs. (size 18) Current weight: 135 lbs. (size 4) Total Pounds lost: 115 lbs. Height: 5’7 Blog/Web sites: Weight-loss method:  Primarily prayer and determination – supplemented with a sound… Continue reading