“Advice to Novice Lifters”

I Seen this posted the other day on IG & it resonated with me in this day of 30 day non weighted squat programs, smith machines, pink dumbbells & how easy the general… Continue reading

Transformation Profile – Robins – lbs lost = 50

I’ve always struggled with my weight since I was a kid. I was made fun of and my self-esteem was at an all-time low.  However, when I was 14 I hit puberty and… Continue reading

Transformation Profile – Liz – lbs lost = 90

Name: Liz Merriweather Age: 52 Height: 5’ 10” Before Weight: 252 pounds                                                         After Weight: 172 (12-12-12) (currently 162) Before Body Fat: No idea, but in 1-1-12 it was 36%            After Body Fat: 18.5%… Continue reading

Transformation Profile – Carrie – lbs lost = 57

  Starting weight -192 current weight-135- body fat %16 Back round – how u got started, what motivated you to start.- I had always kept in shape. I was a gymnast & even… Continue reading

Transformation Profile – Julie – lbs lost = 36

Starting Weight – 137lbs Current Weight – 101lbs Had my 3rd baby at 40 yrs old in 2010 & the weight didn’t come off so easy. Hated the way I looked & felt… Continue reading

Transformation Profile – Becca – lbs lost = 90+

Starting Weight – 244lbs Current Weight – 152lbs   Hey Guys, I follow your FB page for inspiration and motivation. Then, I realized that maybe it would be neat if I sent my… Continue reading

**”It’s Gotta Be The Shoes!!” – Proper gym footwear for Weight Training**

One of my fav commercials growing up & what a natural segway  into the subject of this post.   On our facebook page here –  atleast once every couple weeks, we get questions on… Continue reading

**Short Workout Vids!**

We havn’t had much of a opportunity due to life things to do a workout image post in a while –  but with our fav social network (Instagram @transformationpics) adding 15 sec video… Continue reading

Transformation Profile – Jessie – lbs lost = 67

Hi i’m Jessie, i follow your facebook page! Just thought i’d share my story with you guys! (Thank you Jessie!!) I was always active and ate anything i wanted growing up. Had some… Continue reading

Transformation Profile – Mary – lbs lost = 100+

Staring weight –  294lbs Current weight – 187lbs I have lost 101 lbs. since October of 2011.  In September of 2011, my world kind of fell apart around me, I was depressed and… Continue reading